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Wednesday reading — all over the map

What I've been reading

I reread From Myst to Riven: the Creations and Inspirations in a fit of 20th anniversary-inspired Myst nostalgia. It is a giant coffee-table book that was released in conjunction with Riven and it has a lot of pretty pictures and some fluffy creative process stuff.

I read Gifts of the Crow: How Perception, Emotion, and Thought Allow Smart Birds to Behave Like Humans, which is basically brain pop science with added corvid goodness. The pen-and-ink illustrations are a nice bonus.

I read Rome and the Mysterious Orient: Three Plays by Plautus, translated, naturally, by Amy Richlin. ♥ The translations are really fun, of course, and each one has its own milieu selected to give the best equivalents of various cultural references and a fantasy cast of contemporary actors. My favorite bit is in Persa/"Iran Man", which is modeled after the Askewniverse movies, when she translates one character using the language of epic battle poetry and making a reference to taking auspices to Star Wars and the Force, respectively, and justifies it in the footnote with "the Kevin Smith films all include Star Wars references." ♥ ♥ ♥

I read The Sadeian Woman and the Ideology of Pornography by Angela Carter, who does a really interesting reading of Sade which is greatly preferable to the repetitious tedium of actually reading Sade as far as I'm concerned.

I read Rose Under Fire, which is a companion/sequel to Codename: Verity. It doesn't have Julie, obviously, which is what personally elevated the first book to magical for me, but it is good.

I reread the first three Trixie Belden books because my cold had settled into my head and I badly needed some uncomplicated nostalgia reading. Sadly, although there is a little fic out there, there is absolutely zero Trixie/Honey girlslash or Trixie/Mart almost-twincest out there. And I guess I'm not too surprised about the latter, but as for the former, c'mon!

What I'm reading next

Based on my current cognitive state, probably more Trixie Belden books. My personal childhood collection only went to sixteen, but I see that there were almost forty of them all told. I hope to get better before I get that far.

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