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Yuletide nominations: the finalizing

With mere hours to go, I have tweaked my Yuletide noms for the final time! Someone else, who is hopefully a reliable and decisive person, nominated Arthur, Guenever and Lancelot under The Once and Future King, so I subbed in Verfolgt (Hounded/Punish Me), a movie that I first discovered when someone else nominated it for Yuletide but that sadly has never been written. I will try to put together a pimping post when I am better positioned to make relevant .gifs and screencaps.

My other nominations are Dialogues — Plato (Alcibiades & Socrates), Curse Workers series — Holly Black (Cassel & Lila) and The Bugle. I nominated John, Andy and Chris as characters under that last one just so that it would have some, although if it gets through I plan to request "Any" and put under optional details that literally my author can take anything that has been referenced on The Bugle at any time and turn it into a story if they so desire and I don't not want RPF but I don't only want RPF either? We shall see how that goes.

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