I find this illogical

Into Darkerness

Sometimes I feel as though I'm not properly in a fandom until I have discovered the pairing of my heart that virtually no one ships but me. Not that I don't want other people to ship these pairings, it just seems to be a thing that happens to me, repeatedly, and I complain and tag-stalk and yearn for them.

I was rewatching Star Trek Into Darkness with my mom, who loved the first one but played Words with Friends through some of the bits she found rather boring in this one, which is fair enough. (I was playing words back to her, but then, I'd actually seen it before!) And, like, there's a whole genre of post-STID dark AU fic where the bad guys win and there's sex slavery and all the other requisite id-y goodness, but the thing is, it's all predicated on the Khan being the one who takes over and debauches the crew of the Enterprise. Which is all very well and good and whatever, but there's a character in this movie who is much better positioned to do such a thing, whom Kirk actually offers himself up in order to protect his crew to in a scene so mind-meltingly hot that I was almost embarrassed to be watching it in a theatre, and nobody is writing the AU where Admiral Marcus keeps Kirk as a sex slave. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

(I mean, I realize that the answer to this question is: Benedict Cumberbatch. But since what I enjoyed most about Cumberkhan was all the bits where he similarly suffered bad things happening to himself, and very prettily I might add, in order to protect his crew, I would also prefer to read about him in an Admiral Marcus's Dystopian Starfleet AU. Alas.)

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