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As a person with more free time than sense, I pounced on the opportunity to Upgrade to iOS 7 Right Now. I mean, who wants to wait a week when they can do something right now?

The manual unauthorized update process went very smoothly. The only drag was resyncing all of my apps afterwards, which took approximately forever. It's working beautifully now, aside from the handful of apps—I'm looking at you, Duolingo and Instagram—who are putting off their iOS homework until the last possible minute and still have instacrash bugs that they haven't patched yet. It's almost as good as having a brand new phone!

My main dissatisfaction at the moment is with my lock screen. See, my old lock screen looked like this:

See, he's always got an apple in front of his face, so it's a visual pun about surrealism and introverts with smartphones!

The thing is, iOS 7 does this parallax effect with the icons and such seeming to float above the wallpaper as you move your phone around, and so it requires a larger wallpaper size with a whole bunch of buffer pixels in every direction. I had to find a higher-resolution copy of Le fils de l'homme with colors that I don't like as well to make a new version and still there's only so much control you can exert over the placement. This is what I ended up with at the moment:

It's hard to take a screenshot when every time you reach for the appropriate buttons to do so, the wallpaper you're attempting to capture lurches around on your screen!

Mostly, though, I love it. I already don't believe I used to live without the control center.

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