put Smarties tubes on cats legs

good news! (at least, it's news to me)

Nine episodes from series I of QI are available for legal streaming in the U.S. on Hulu! I mean, this is clearly still less than ideal, but it's a huge improvement over the prior state of affairs where no episodes of QI were available legally in the U.S. in any format.

Also, I just caught that A Tale for the Time Being made the Booker shortlist, which pleases me greatly as it is by far the best novel I have read thus far this year. ♥

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HULU! I can even get that at work so I could give them oodles of hits by setting eps to play while I'm away in the stacks and stuff.

Do they have The Immortal Bard? (Sue Perkins dressed as an Elizabethan nobleman, HUMMA HUMMA)