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photoshop in real life (i.e., makeup)

My subscription box from Birchbox came today! I've had the subscription for several months and I've been enjoying it because I like having samples of new things to play with and because honestly, even a system that selects from a limited number of options based on a relatively brief questionnaire has at least as good a chance of picking out makeup and skincare products that I'll like as I do.

I just painted my nails the color of ink on dollar bills, which is pretty great. I also tried out the Yes to Grapefruit CC Cream, and it actually made my skin look amazing…except that "Light" was practically a self-tanning product on me, and it only comes in that and "Light-Medium". Alas. I left it on all day hopefully anyway, and it stayed all glowy and not-too-shiny and way-too-dark. Finally removed it with the blueberry towelettes that I also received.

I also got some kind of super-fancy hand masks that I haven't tried yet, and some okay brown eyeshadows. Sadly, all pictures I take of myself turn out terrible as I am apparently incapable of not making weird faces at myself, which makes me reluctant to engage in proper makeup blogging.

Speaking of things that come in colors: new iPhones! I want the silver one.

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Thanks to you and Candace (formerly Owens) and our CSA, and living in a wonderfully temperate climate, I am so tempted to buy zillions of different subscription boxes. It seems so indulgent yet so affordable.
Whee! You could spend an entire year using only products that you received in subscription boxes and get a book deal.
I'm sure someone more interested (or more like, better connected but less interesting, maybe Julie Powell?) has a project like that in-progress.
I wonder if there's a homeschool subscription box. I know there are kid craft ones.