mad tea party

fried disappointment on a stick

My parents and I were going to go up to Minneapolis this week to visit my brother and take in the Minnesota State Fair, preferably in the form of a bucket of Sweet Martha's chocolate-chip cookies paired with bottomless glasses of milk.

Sadly, we have been doubly thwarted in these plans, as it is not only hotter in Minneapolis than it is in Kansas City but actually under an extreme heat advisory, and anyway my brother will not be there as he has just passed through Kansas City this very morning on his way to the work-related destination where he will be occupied with work for the next two weeks.

I can, of course, make my own chocolate chip cookies and place them into the receptacles of my choosing, and no one is likely to stop me from refilling my glass of milk, but I don't think that it will be the same.

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Oh, cookies. One of my sisters is an amazing baker, and I miss her chocolate chip cookies the most <3