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Bad comics and the people who read them so I don't have to

Well before I actually started reading Western superhero comics, I could easily get sucked into reading about Western superhero comics for hours, provided that the writer in question is hilarious. I mean, I enjoy reading hilarious things about a variety of topics, but I find that this is easily one of my favorites.

The 40 Worst Rob Liefeld Drawings cheers me up so consistently that I have large chunks of it memorized and I have seriously considered trying to nominate it for Yuletide somehow. I followed all three parts of the demented saga of the goddamn Batman (which is to say, Frank Miller's All-Star Batman and Robin) with bated breath. And the whole reason I started this post is so that I could link to this review of the New 52 Red Lanterns because every once in a while I remember it and start giggling again:

What I like about Red Lanterns is that the book does a great job of getting to the heart of why the current Green Lantern status quo is so gosh-darned silly. This is a book ostensibly about a group of aliens who have magic wishing rings empowered by anger and hatred, a group of badass monsters who want to deliver bloody justice to murderers and tyrants across the universe. In reality, the book is really about a dozen people sitting around this barren planet and yelling at each other about how angry they are, in between taking deep swims in an ocean of magic blood (not a metaphor for puberty, there is a literal ocean of magic blood) to clear their heads.

Sorry, I feel another gigglefit coming on…

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