put Smarties tubes on cats legs

d'awwww, opera buddies!

Alan Davies@alandavies1
I'm at the royal opera house with @stephenfry . Am hiding in the loo refreshing bbc sport to keep up with Andy Murray... (link)

Alan Davies @alandavies1
At the opera
Stephen Fry and Alan Davies at the opera (link)

I'm not saying it's not perfectly platonic, I'm just saying I can imagine plonking it into an established relationship fic quite easily. (Also, I would probably have Stephen turn out to be doing the same thing in the adjacent stall for the lulz.)

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Well, if Hugh Laurie hadn't fucked off to America for practically a decade, leaving poor Stephen to chum around town with this curly-headed doofus, we wouldn't be in this sorry situation, now would we? :o