Goth Detectives

As You Like It, more or less

Shakespearean fools never interest me on the page, but I have to admit that the actor who played Touchstone as if he were channeling Russell Brand really made it work for me.

Last time I read (okay, skimmed) AYLI, which was for a class, we mostly ended up discussing the M/M homoeroticism of Elizabethan transvestite theatre in general and 'Ganymede'/Orlando in particular, but the F/F homoeroticism is also really fun! I mean, it doesn't go anywhere canonically either, because Rosalind is SO MEAN to all of her girlfriends, but still.

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What who was that?

I remember that play being raunchy but I think Jones understated it until we saw a staged production at Mo Rep, then it was like "Oh Audrey is a slut and Touchstone is a horndog. Etc."
This year's Shakespeare in the Park. Good times, aside from the three mosquitos who touched me in some seriously intimate places, evidently mistaking it for some kind of date scenario owing to the presence of dinner and a show.