Wednesday reading meme

What I've been reading

As predicted last week, I read Abaddon's Gate, the concluding volume of the Expanse trilogy. These books scratch a Firefly-type itch—you have your space-faring future complete with all kinds of fancy medicine and weaponry, but scarcity is a thing and real food is a luxury and further out from the center you have a lot of people just scraping by. There's a scrappy found-family crew with a nifty ship who all love their captain, a creepy as fuck menace that can't be reasoned with, and even an incongruous retro genre fusion (hardboiled detective fiction, in this case), although that's more of a thing in the first book, Caliban's War. This book has decent series resolution, and, as an added bonus, one of the new POV characters is a lesbian Methodist pastor in space, which immediately made me think of hermionesviolin :D

I read the first volume of Matt Fraction's creator-owned comic, Casanova: Luxuria, with fabulous art by Gabriel Bá. 'Trippy' and 'dense' are words that keep recurring in reviews, with good reason: each 16-page issue almost needs pages and pages of semi-confessional author's notes that follow so you can sort out what's happened so far, especially if you're me and comics is a second language for you. I'm digging it thus far.

I read Point of Hopes, which has some of the most delightful world-building ever, including all the lovely queer stuff, although if I did not know as a matter of fact courtesy of fandom that the two guys in this book canonically get together I would be pleased but incredulous at the prospect. My library did not have this book—I found my copy at a used bookstore—but they do have the next one so I can read it right away, yay!

I reread Switch Bitch, which is to say that I'd read all of Roald Dahl's stories for adults before, but it wasn't until I picked up a copy of this specific collection that I realized that all four stories collected in it, all of which were published in Playboy, are among my least favorites. The Uncle Oswald one is okay, even if it spends pages and pages setting up its premise for a series silly seduction adventures and then ultimately delivers something that is … not that, 'The Great Switcheroo' is decent yarn with an okay twist at the end, and the other two are deeply, deeply skippable, especially 'The Last Act', because seriously what the fuck even is that. Ugh.

I read The Moon and More, Sarah Dessen's new book. I really admire her ability to create friends and family for her main characters whose relationships feel lived-in and who number above the bare minimum.

What I'm reading next

Point of Dreams! ♥

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