what the hell?


I saw the poster for this in the window of Barnes & Noble and nearly swooned with horror, and with no Virgil there to catch me, either.

This, of course, means it's time for another round of the Inferno Game, where you decide in which circle of Dante's hell to place your least favorite people. I'm definitely eying one of the Malebolges here; they're so tempting when you're playing the Inferno Game, because there are so many of them with such precise distinctions and anyway when you're sufficiently vexed with someone to start thinking about which circle of hell they would be sent to there is generally an element of fraud involved.

I think Dante might have opted to place Dan Brown with the sowers of religious divisiveness for bamboozling so many credulous readers with the weaselly truth claims attached to his ridiculous me/Jesus's hot super-great-granddaughter Mary Sue fantasy, although really, Dante is not well-placed to criticize other people's religious Mary Sue fantasies. I'm more inclined to put him in the adjacent evil pouch with the misusers of rhetoric, since my real problem with his Mary Sue fantasies is that they are terrible.

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