this man has killed me even so

You know when you find yourself deep in the throes of a shiny new crush on someone and you realize that you now find absolutely everything about them comprehensively adorable and have lost all ability to form disinterested opinions?

And you also know how sometimes you're reading the tumblr tag for one half of your OTP1 and people are posting tweets from the famous actor who played him in a recent movie adaptation and from there you start reading his twitter and it's so dorky and funny and charming that you kind of have to follow him and track his tumblr tag and your Downloads folder keeps filling up with pictures of his stupid face3 and there is literally no movie of his that you will not watch and you have already somehow worked your way through like half of them?

Okay, maybe that is slightly less of a universal experience. But it happened to me! I feel vaguely silly, because, like, I wasn't even interested in Russell Crowe before, and it's not like I wasn't aware of him before, WTAF.

Luckily for me, my friend Bev has been extremely supportive as I've succumbed to this debilitating Russell Crowe obsession, fielding emails from me at all hours saying things like, "Bevy, Russell Crowe is tweeting ridiculous things and I can't even," "Bevy, Russell Crowe is telling stories on the Gladiator commentary track about how Joaquin Phoenix basically tried to dubcon him into a D/s relationship so he could get into character and why has no one written Russell Crowe/Joaquin Phoenix porn," "Bevy, Russell Crowe hasn't tweeted anything in like an entire day and I can't even," "Bevy, I just watched this movie where Russell Crowe is in a love triangle only other two members are horses."4

The latter emails basically spiraled into fully-fledged recaps which have been privately circulating and which I am informed that I should share with a wider audience, so I hear and obey. I feel like they really should be properly chronological, but I've already been watching movies in a completely whimsical order and I'm waiting on interlibrary loans for DVDs of some of them anyway, so I'll probably end up posting them chronologically in the order that I've been watching them instead of anything more sensical.

Either way, consider this your advanced warning about my new fandom.

(Look, his tweets have fanart! It is totally a fandom!)

1 Because stupid tumblr tags don't support slashes for pairing names2 and anyway he only has the one name, which he reminds people of constantly, so he's easy for people to tag consistently.

2Tumblr and the rest of smushname-using fandom seem to have since coalesced around "Valvert", which sounds like an aftershave or a 19th century French cheese food product, but I'll use anything to get my Valjean/Javert fix.

3I totally made icons out of this entire photoshoot. If I were only allowed to have four icons these would totally be my icons.

4The Silver Brumby (AUS) / The Silver Stallion (US). Seriously.

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