"Monks are SO not cool."

Yay, Doctor Who is back! I seriously considered changing the SSID of our wifi network, and then I remembered how hard it was to get my main and remote base stations into a relationship with each other so I did not do this.

The episode-level resolution was not super satisfying, but I'm looking forward to more of the ongoing mystery of how Jenna-Louise Coleman can be so adorable.

Game of Thrones is also back! By the beginning of A Storm of Swords we have hit the point where it takes an entire one-hour episode just to check in with all the characters/locations and say hey, so this was that episode. I was amused by the little conversation between Ros and Shae about being a woman born without any particular power in the Song of Ice and Fire 'verse which doubles as a conversation about what it's like to play one in an HBO show. The bit about how Ros remembers the day Sansa was born was a nice touch.

Let me see, right now I'm also following Castle, Psych, Revenge, Community and Arrow, with varying levels of enthusiasm, and I think I'm also going to be forced to look into this Vikings show I've seen so much about.

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