Mizuki sulks

"I can top you with my brain."

I happened to wind up at the gym at the exact time to catch the last twenty-five minutes of the Firefly episode "Trash" on the Science channel (which, apparently, shows science fiction, which I suppose is logical, since the SciFi/SyFy/Syphilis channel shows "reality" shows about ghosts). This made me happy, because the last twenty-five minutes of Trash contains my single favorite scene in the entire show, and then made me sad, because it reminded me that virtually nobody ships Simon/Jayne, and worse still, the vanishingly few people who do ship it incorrectly.1

I mean, I can readily see why it's a niche pairing. People might prefer Simon and Jayne in canon pairings, such as Simon/Kaylee, Simon/River, Jayne/Vera, or Jayne/his bunk.2 I can also see why there is virtually no toppy!Simon, because pretty much every main character, reoccurring character, or extra on the show would top4 Simon in their actual or theoretical relationship. I'm not 100% certain that Simon could top a Tupperware container.

Except. Except. He completely dominates Jayne in the scene in the infirmary at the end of Trash. Comprehensively. Effortlessly. There is no way in which Simon is not in control, from his physically paralyzing Jayne so they can have this little chat to his utterly calm assertion that no matter what Jayne does, Simon will never ever harm him, that he will be trusting Jayne and that Jayne should do likewise. I find this utterly, scorchingly hot.

And yet no one ever writes them like that. Or if they have, I have yet to find it. This makes me sad like the end of Serenity.5

1Which they are entitled to do! I mean, they're completely wrong. But if they enjoy being wrong, they should feel free to do so.

2Yeah, I don't really ship Jayne with. You know. People.3

3This pairing being something of an exception, obviously.

4Here used in a very loose sense to indicate a whole range of behavior ranging from mild sexual assertiveness to formalized D/s regardless of sexual positions employed, if any.

5Yeah, I know, I should write it myself. But I'm really, really lazy!

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Nothing to say other than:

Can totally see your points. All of them.

I adore your footnotes.

That is all.

Everything is better with footnotes.1

1Including footnotes.2

2Like this one.
Hope you don't mind my dropping in from nowhere but I know exactly what you mean when it comes to these two... and not only that Jayne is probably most realistically paired with his bunk... and that Simon couldn't top a tupperware container... if there was to be tupperware topping to be had I think maybe Kaylee would be all up in that... with strawberries... but really, there's so much unexplored potential with these too, so much UST... How fangirls must weep the world over...

Your footnotes are a thing of beauty... footnoting a footnote; have to remember to pull that one on my lecturer :D