sex and violence

overly specific kinks

I have an entire playlist now that is just different versions of 'The Confrontation'. I pretty much think that everything would be better with men fighting while they sing angrily about their feelings. Not gonna lie, the film version is kind of my favorite because of the audible fighting in the background. Rawr. And then there's the live versions where Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe serenade each other like precious musical boyfriends, which are differently adorable.

Also I don't have any Javert/Valjean icons yet so I keep using my Sark/Vaughn icons which is actually working for me on multiple levels.

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Hello, is that a shareable playlist? :D Not necessarily tracks, titles/artists are fine... but that is Relevant To My Interests.
Absolutely! In addition to the aforementioned, I have versions from the Original Broadway Cast, Original London Cast, Complete Symphonic Recording, 1991 Paris Revival (in French) and the 1994 Japanese cast.

Also, it is possible that if you download this .zip file you may hear something to your advantage. ;)