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good things coming back

Patrick Stump wrote a nice letter to me commiserating about how much scalpers and sold-out shows suck. Me and everyone on every social media network ever, that is, but hey, it made me feel a little better. Someday I will make it to a FOB show! (Also, Patrick, those are not bullet points. That is an ordered list. You can tell because the number one does not have a bullet.)

Incidentally, do you know who desperately wants to corner the market in scalping? If you guessed Ticketbastards, you are of course correct. They seem to also be working to overturn anti-scalping laws in various provinces of Canada, boldly offering the argument that everyone knows scalping goes on and it's not fair that Ticketbastards can only get a piece of the action on the first sale. They are certainly not lacking in chutzpah.

Last night my parents and I communally watched the last episode of Lewis and there was a great deal of mourning. My mom made two predictions at the last minute—that Hathaway was going to resign, and that he would quit smoking for good (although how this would be distinguished from his many failed attempts when the series was ending was unclear to me). Before we've even had a chance to finish mourning properly, however, me still in my black armband and everything, it seems that ITV are planning on at least another episode if not another series, so whee!

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