misshandelt Kuscheltiere

signup countdown

I keep pruning my Yuletide signup like a fretful bonsai—a fandom here, a character there. This is actually the first year that I have done limited-character offers at all, so it's, like, a whole new way to fret for me!


*deletes two more fandoms*

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Roma MMXII...
Hello! Sorry I haven't stopped by in a while. You might, now and again, be wondering what happened to Dante/Virgil sequel Part III. I did start writing it offline, honestly I did; but then, back in late August, something happened to my laptop's hardware (still not sure what; something prevented Windows from starting); and I have not had access to anything on my laptop's hard drive since then! Gah...

Actually, I've hardly written anything of substance lately (at least, not fiction). I've really got to try it again. I can't even seem to write songs these days, fictitious or otherwise. Maybe one of these days, I'd like to start writing the sequel again, if I can find anything new to say with it. Also, I've spent the last few months lusting after America's Got Talent goth opera semifinalist Andrew De Leon; he might make a terrific RPF subject, as long as he and his relatives don't catch on to what I'm doing (I follow him on Twitter and Facebook, among other things).

In any case, I apologize for getting bogged down and not doing much writing in a long time; it looks like you are progressing way ahead of me in that department! I really must take a break from Facebook and Twitter (yeah, good luck with that, self); and spend more time over here for a while...at least, after the bloody Election is over. I've also been missing the fandom!secrets comm, where I discovered some of your writing in the first place...:)