yule goat

yuletide flailings

Am in the middle of drafting my Dear Yuletide Author letter. In a way I find this part much harder to write than my eventual actual story—I'm so terrible about writing directly about what it is that I enjoy, as opposed to flailing incoherently in its general direction and hitting kudos/like/reblog/5-stars/etc as hard and enthusiastically as I can. This is a failing of mine that I should work on.

I have barely made a dent in narrowing down possible offers. I'm thinking of combining this with a project to create master list of all the fandoms I plan to read in Yuletide this year, for the benefit a hypothetical potential author who might a.) want to write a crossover b.) with a certified Yuletide-rare fandom that c.) their recipient (i.e., me) is actually familiar with. Is this a good idea, does any one think? I hasten to iterate that I'm not demanding any crossovers with anything. I mostly just like making lists and also procrastinating.

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