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Vikaliya Mustamova!

Over in the land of flailing and gifs and namesmushes (whatever, you pretty much have to use them because you can't use tags with /s on tumblr, you just have to roll with things like Mustamova), my London 2012 OTP has blossomed into a fully-fledged fandom. Two weeks ago I was plaintively demanding Viktoria Komova/Aliya Mustafina h/c fic, and now my dash is full of adorable tiny gymnasts, angsty ficlets, tinhattery and people having RPS wank for the very first time. I feel so old! (Or, alternately, so in touch with my inner gymnastics-loving 12-year-old, except this time with more kissing.)

Also: Vika was robbed on floor exercise, and if you say anything mean about her crying, Musty will cut you. </myfeels>

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Something is wrong with Aliya's face. Her eyes are way too far apart. Maybe it's just a horrible makeup artist.
Nah, I think that's just where her eye sockets are situated in her skull. Like, here's a pic where she's wearing way less eye makeup, and her eyes still look really wide-set and close to her temples.

Also, in the language of my adopted people, the animated .gif meme: