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Rec is not a strong enough word for what I am doing right now

Oh, I am the luckiest girl in all of fandom today, and I win at New Year's Resolutions (Recipient Division, that is) for all time, because today [personal profile] spintheiryarns/custardpringle posted A Jolly Kind of Detective Game, her epic fantabulous Hilary/St. George casefic flipping masterpiece, which I have just spent a lovely long Sunday afternoon (and, okay, well into a Sunday evening) reading.

Hilary/St. George is, to begin with, the pairing that is the nearest to my heart, because so far as I can tell it is an idea that did not exist at all in the world until the day it popped into my head, and then because I wrote about it and requested it for Yuletide it turned into this actual thing that people who are not me read and write and ship, which is more or less actual literal magic as far as I am concerned. I'm getting kind of choked up now just thinking about it. Fandom.

And now it is my über rarepair in my teeny tiny fandom that has this glorious novel with its gorgeous, intricate emotional arc and its absolutely smoldering sexual tension, which pays off in the most utterly compelling touches and kisses and sex, oh my god the sex, and all this in a story which also contains bantering, detecting, much hurting and comforting, a whole community of wonderful original characters including queer characters and characters of color for the story to take place among, and the absolute funniest and most apposite chapter-heading tags ever selected. Is it any wonder that I'm looking smug today? (And believe me, I am looking most exceedingly smug.)

This is the single most happy-making fic I have ever read. Everyone should read it and rejoice with me.

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