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Demon Child update: still demon-possessed.

Work nonetheless pretty good. This stupid bint who stopped coming into work a few weeks into last year without telling anyone is back again, who knows for how long. "I'm not doing any more bitch work," she said to me today while the children were at recess, before she started reading for class. "The fuck are they paying you for?" I said to myself. I don't mind if she stops coming in again.

(For those of you playing along at home, we don't have to do stuff that's a step or two removed from working directly with the children [or, as she calls them, "the little urchins"] if we don't fancy it, as I do, but in that case we have to go found another room where there are kids to work in.)

I have decided that my wardrobe is too bland and fails to make a statement besides "I'm more or less female," and set about remedying this by ordering a Tea Party sweatshirt and three t-shirts from ThinkGeek (specifically this one, this one and this one, which I swear is the coolest thing ever, I don't care what anyone else says).

Then I went to attend a New Club in Development informational meeting, as I intend to form a club for amateur medievalists at NYU. It needs a clever name, among other things, as I've got this application to fill out by Tuesday, but I am hopeful about it.

The wind, which I suppose is Isabel's sending her card to inform us that she intends to call, tried to blow me over as I was crossing Houston. It was pretty windy all day generally, and may I say that I really like wearing skimpy shirts on crisp fall days and feeling the breeze and my hair brushing across my back, but here I was and all of a sudden I realized, damn, that wind is strong.

The wind failed to knock me over, though, so, as a backup plan, Aeolis sent in a rollerblader who just sort of smacked right into me.

"Oops," he said, and rollerbladed on.

"Did he say sorry?" the girl walking near me asked.

"No. He said 'oops.' " I replied

"Jeez." she said.

"Yeah," I said.

You know, I was thinking, these surnames of the founders, Slytherin and Ravenclaw and all that, are completely anachronistic. Not only do I not think they were family names that they took, which is utterly untenable for that time period, I am inclined to believe they hardly, if at all, went by them in their entire wizarding lifetimes, however long those were in turn-of-the-millennium Britain. Although the Sorting Hat uses them, and he was a contemporary, in a way, but of course he speaks modern English, now, too, so surely that's part and parcel.
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I saw someone with that third T-shirt today! The men's version though.
I also met a man with a Gandalf for President button. I just had to talk to him after seeing that. He mentioned that someone has actually asked him, "Is he a Democrat?" to which the button-wearer replied, "Yeah, I guess so..." He had quite a few laughs afterwards though.

I hope he was on his way to that giant pothole at Essex and Delancey.