The Avengers: playing with ALL the toys

I will freely admit that the only reason that I got into the whole Avengers thing is my profound and abiding love of the Iron Man movies and Tony Stark. There were things I enjoyed about the Captain America and Thor movies, yes, but they were still basically homework that I had to get through so I could watch the new Iron Man movie (and, like homework, I totally put it off and didn't finish watching Thor until the last possible minute, in the car on Friday afternoon). I flatly refused to have anything to do with any Hulk movies; I asked my brother if he thought there was anything I needed to know from them, and he gave me this pop quiz:
Him: What does the Hulk do?
Me: Smash?
Him: You're good.

I mention this only to underscore the fact that, post-movie, they are basically all my favorites. Especially the Hulk. Did not see that one coming in a gigantic pair of trousers.

I was fortunate enough to get to watch it with the aforementioned brother, late Friday night under the influence of large doses of caffeine, all circumstances which enhanced my enjoyment greatly but also militated against sharing said enjoyment in any coherent manner. Here, therefore, are some belated and not particularly coherent thoughts.

  • Very, very late to the Loki bandwagon, but is he not, essentially, the fusion of Draco and Snape? I'm not saying he was crafted in a laboratory experiment as fangirlbait, I'm just saying that no one really knows what those frost giants might stoop to.
  • No, seriously, how is the Hulk so awesome? I love the way he talks about his alter ego, half-ashamed, half-defiant. And then he and Tony are so sparky together, and then at the end they do that little Sleeping Beauty bit, except the Hulk goes RAWR instead of giving him a kiss. I find this strangely adorable. ♥
  • There is this bit where Steve puts his hands on Tony's hips and I had mind-scorchingly hot flashbacks to this fic by [personal profile] lotesse. Unf.
  • That said, I'm still pretty embarrassingly Tony/Pepper OTP 4EVA, and I was very pleased that Pepper and her bare feet (and Joss's foot fetish) were in this movie. ♥ ♥ ♥
  • Oh man, that horned helmet thing Loki was wearing. I just. Asgardians have the cheesiest set and costume design. This is why I had such a hard time getting through the first twenty minutes of Thor.
  • Nothing makes you nostalgic for a city like watching it be attacked by flying alien bugs. Also, I wish there was actually a Stark tower.
  • There were only, like, four of us left in the theatre for the shawarma scene! I don't know what everyone else was thinking! They seriously missed out.
  • Many other things I have forgotten. Looking forward to watching again!

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First thing I said when I came out of Avengers was "I have a feeling I wasn't supposed to walk out shipping Bruce/Tony" - they were so adorable together, geeking out and playing off each other and they even drove off into the sunset together! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
I know! Actually, if they didn't want us to walk out shipping Bruce/Tony, I'm not sure they did a very good job.... ♥ x infinity