sex and violence

The name's Bond. Gay Bond.

On a lark, I decided to try my hand at Script Frenzy, which is like NaNoWriMo only with scripts and in April. I did not, particularly, have any ideas that I was planning to turn into a screenplay, teleplay, play, graphic novel or similar. I did not particularly have any ideas that I was writing at all.

I decided to write a screenplay. A big, Hollywood-type of screenplay, since obviously it's never going to be made by anyone, so I might as well give myself an ample budget. Then I thought for a while about big, Hollywood-type movies that are never going to be made that I want to see, and I came up with: Gay James Bond. Which is to say, a spy very similar to (and not any more realistic than) James Bond, who is also gay, and has lots of gratuitous on-screen sex.

I have read all the Bond books, but the only Bond movie I have seen more than two minutes of is the 2009 Casino Royale, and of course I have never written a screenplay, so this should be interesting. So far I seem to be rattling along at a breakneck pace courtesy of all this lovely whitespace that takes up two-thirds of a properly-formatted screenpage.

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I am so pleased you are giving the script writing a go. This entry has flashed a smile upon this rainy day.
Re: hilarious
Hee, glad to hear it! It's a blast so far.

Hope you get some sunshine!