yule goat

I just posted my Yuletide story!

Of course, now I'm vibrating with a potent cocktail of adrenaline and caffeine and generally a nervous wreck, but at least I'm those things and I have a posted story.

If I ever try to write a [descriptor redacted] story again, somebody smack me upside the head, will ya?
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Please tell me
Your location so I can find the proper length of stick to span the kilometers.
Do you have a link for it? *is curious*...

Plus, much peace and joy in whatever version of Yule/Solstice/whatnot you prefer to celebrate...
It will go live soon in the Yuletide 2011 collection, but which one is mine doesn't get revealed until New Year's! Hence the redaction. ;)

Peace and joy to you and yours as well!