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Dear Author 2011

Dear yuletide Author,

Hi! I don't know who you are, but I love you already. You probably don't know who I am either, and I hope you don't hate me too much.

I've just noticed, firming up my signup for this year, that all my requests are really, really similar: two guys (they do seem to all be guys this year), one more histrionic and charismatic, the other one quieter and more readily underestimated, combined with some epic, over the top bonding. I'm pretty sure this means I have a type. *g* I would also like to stress once again that these are requests for which I would be happy to read the filthiest of explicit porn or the gen-est of whole non-sexual interactions, however inclination and inspiration takes you.

Here are my more specific requests/ramblings for general perusal:

British Comedian RPF – Noel Fielding & Russell Brand

I have watched the Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2006 more times that can conceivably be healthy and I would like some more Goth Detectives, please! I am more interested in the daft, surreal, erudite universe of trust and mutual respect that Noel and Russell generate when placed in proximity to each other than in their actual lives; the weirder, the better. If you're interested in incorporating Jimmy Carr, any of the other panelists, anything involving quizzes or quiz shows, anything involving the hypothetical Goth Detectives show, or anything meta or in-jokey like that, go for it! Pairing (any rating) or gen equally welcome.

Doctrine of Labyrinths – Sarah Monette – Felix Harrowgate & Mildmay Foxe

I adore Felix and Mildmay equally and I could never choose a favorite between them and any kind story that involves them interacting together in any context whatsoever will make me very happy. Optionally–because this is the optional details box!–I would definitely enjoy reading them as a pairing if that's something you'd want to make work somehow. (I think this pairing needs a good old-fashioned sex pollen fic, but that's an even more optional suggestion! Just throwing it out there.) Also completely optionally, if you want to write smut for this fandom but not, for whatever reason, Felix/Mildmay smut, I would definitely read any amount of post-Corambis Felix/Murtagh porn, although this is obviously optional since I have not requested Murtagh as a character and please disregard if you did not sign up to write him!

Psmith – P. G. Wodehouse – Mike Jackson & Rupert Psmith

Mike (the omnibus of Mike at Wrykyn and Mike and Psmith) was Wodehouse's favorite of his own books, and it's my favorite book of his too. Psmith is irresistible, of course, but Comrade Jackson's sterling qualities should not be overlooked. Pairing (any rating) or gen equally welcome.
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Okie-dokie--The Shade Trees of Lucca, Part 2 is finally posted and ready for viewing! And it's about bloody time--this past November 24 was the one-year freaking anniversary of the posting of "Thrice Purified"! Bad me!

By the way, your most recent posts have got me curious about these Mike and Psmith guys, though I haven't read the original books yet. Is Wodehouse a good read? I'm only familiar with the name so far. Really should check him out, I suppose; I hear he's the author largely responsible for the television careers of Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry...
Oh wow, I thought I was going to have to wait longer for part 2! (Well, I guess I did end up waiting longer because I've been so busy the last couple of weeks, but hey, better late than never!) BRB, reading!

I'll have to put together a post about Wodehouse, especially the Psmith books and other early Wodehouse, for you and anyone else who might be interested!
Hello again--hope you're okay; you haven't posted in a while. Incidentally, should you be curious, I just found the comment on a 2008 post at fandomsecrets that linked to your Divine Comedy fic: it's at this post, a few pages in; as I recall, the reccer referred to it as "a most excellent piece of porn." I definitely seconded that, after reading it! :)

Anyway, hope to see you posting again soon...