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Just one of thousands of gorgeous scans of vintage dust jackets available from Facsimile Dust Jackets L.L.C. Pretty much all the Wodehouse dust jackets are pretty amazing, too, and goodness knows what else I haven't even thought to search for.
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Oh my, you weren't exaggerating about the Sayers. I would characterize the predominant school of graphic design as "We know you're going to buy it anyway." (Bellona Club's not terrible. And I am greatly amused by the subtitle on Gaudy Night, although the extended version–although it has cooler typography–is misleading at best as to who plays the leading part.)

Loving the Tey.
New post-Commedia fanfic Part 1...
Gah...I couldn't wait any longer! This has been driving me nuts all year. I've just posted Part 1 of the second Dante/Virgil fic that I've been talking and posting about for so long. I've split it into two parts, as it was a good bit longer than the first one. Part 2 just has a couple paragraphs left to finish. I just hope this one's okay with you. Sorry it takes me so bloody long to finish these things; guess I've been preoccupied with a bunch of other things (plus, I really need a holiday from Facebook..:/)...