Forbear to taste Library Paste.

the snowy day

Apparently, any fools who were foolhardy enough to show up for work at 8:00 this morning got told at 8:30 that the library system was closing at 11:00, which is ridiculous.

I opted not to risk getting stranded at my place of employment with only my coworkers and vending machine food for conversation and entertainment, not necessarily respectively. Instead, we stayed in, ate ice cream with crushed Thin Mints stirred in, and watched the last sixteen episodes of season two of Veronica Mars.

My mom turns out to be a die-hard Veronica/Logan shipper, which amuses me no end. (It is my third-favorite Veronica ship and my second favorite Logan ship, but otherwise we are basically in accord.)

The combination of fine, powdery snow and brutal-looking winds has left our yard looking like some kind of crazy snow desert. There are thin spots where grass is poking through, and there are elaborate systems of dunes, some of which look like they would come up to my waist at their points of highest elevation.

Fortunately, my employers have gotten a little more proactive and closed completely for tomorrow. Maybe we'll watch season three!
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