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winter weather wibbles

I don't like it when the normally staid prose stylists at the National Weather Service start using words like "historic" and "crippling" and "potentially life-threatening". Governor Nixon has just declared a state of emergency. My place of employment is still telling us to call the switchboard in the morning to see if we're going to have a late starts or closures and assume we're coming in at 8:00 if there are no messages.

Do not want.
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It is getting pretty ridiculous, is it not? I normally like snow, but then, we don't normally get snow like this.
assume we're coming in at 8:00 if there are no messages.

*laughs hysterically* They're calling for at least 1 foot, and possibly 2 for y'all tomorrow.

I really don't think you're going anywhere - and if their phone system is actually up, I'll be surprised....
I went to college at a school where the President, a former student at the college, as well as Dean, native of southern California, said she 'did not believe in snow.' 3 feet would be outside her window and she'd call her doctor to ask for advice about the hallucinations.

Fortunately, the day there were 4 feet of snow outside her door, she was stuck -in- soCA, visiting family.

The decision to cancel was left to the college security chief. He did so with alacrity.