if I once gave way

injecting television directly into my eyeballs

My mom wanted something to watch during those agonizing periods of time, sometimes amounting to more than one full day, in between new episodes of the television shows that we watch together (which are presently: Castle, White Collar, 30 Rock and The Office, and on hiatus: Psych, Burn Notice, and Doctor Who. You would never guess that for years, our family television was kept in a locked cabinet and, before she started watching Alias with me on DVD, the last show she seriously followed was Murphy Brown), and Netflix suggested Veronica Mars to us.

Well. That was maybe like a week ago. We just today watched the last seven episodes of season one and then the first episode of season two for good measure.

Past and present flisters who were also VMars fans, I am very impressed by how thoroughly you did not spoil me. There should be trophies. The only thing I would consider myself remotely spoiled for was that Logan and Veronica got together at some point, although I wasn't at all convinced for a long time that it was something that actually happened in this season. Especially during those early episodes when I was unable to consistently identify this Logan from frame to frame as anything other than 'one of those three white boys on this show who all have similar coloring and the same haircut for the purpose of confusing me'.

I'm not sure my mom won't want to watch all of season two tomorrow. She's not big on doing things by half-measures.
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The boys on VMars are pretty identical looking, especially if you've mumble-mumbled a less than stellar copy in squinty.

I could always tell Keith apart, though. ;)
No one could ever mistake Keith Mars for anything other than pure love, win and squee. ♥