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FIC: Impractical Exercises for Not-So-Young Magicians (The Magicians, PG-13)

Today was my first day back at work after Christmas, four days flat on my back with the cold somebody gave me for Christmas, and New Year's. I listened to my seven-hour backlog of Global News podcasts from the BBC World Service in reverse chronological order and they began and ended with the top story that Laurent Gbagbo was refusing to step down despite international pressure, so that was a bit timey-wimey.

I wrote The Magicians this year for treewishes for yuletide! I like that all four of us who wrote in the fandom did female character-centric stories: mine is a Julia story, and there are two perfect Alices, one inter and one post, and a Jane Chatwin story that is also, appropriately, rather timey-wimey.

Impractical Exercises for Not-So-Young Magicians by mayhap
The Magicians by Lev Grossman. T/PG-13. 1,254 words. Eliot, Julia.
Written for treewishes for yuletide.
The future is in the cards.

Eliot was the one who found her, was the one who had the idea of drafting her to come to Fillory in the first place.
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