shiny glasses


I've embarked on a fannish/self-improvement project wherein I am rewatching all of Prince of Tennis ... but only while I'm also jogging with the Wii Fit.

So far, this is reasonably effective as a motivation and distraction. (I also enjoy rhythm boxing, hula hoops and beating my parents at balance games.)


Back when Lost originally began airing, I was in Scotland for the semester behind a series of rather stiff firewalls, so I persuaded (well, demanded) that my mother and my ex-boyfriend torrent episodes for me and IM them to me, and because my mother got started watching the show then, I have been doomed to keep watching it with her until the bitter, bitter end.

I don't think I was that rude.


I had this dream that I had picked up a yuletide pinch hit for belmanoir and was trying to write Nicholas Lea/Mitch Pileggi RPF in ballad form (made more difficult because I was trying to refresh my memory about said form by googling it and the Google in my brain didn't know any more about the subject than I did), incorporating the late-breaking news that Nick had just broken his ankle in a luging accident somehow, and nobody was posting in the yuletide comm, no matter how many times I refreshed.

I was disappointed on awakening to realize that it wasn't anywhere near yuletide, but I was glad I didn't have to finish that ballad. It wasn't anywhere near hitting the minimum wordcount.
OH MY GOD MOST AMAZING DREAM. Like every element of that dream makes me happy. \o/
I must agree that this is a great dream in absolutely every respect.

I especially love how you were aware of/failing to meet the wordcount. :P