I find this illogical

I guess this is why I watch the Oscars?

Logorama, winner of the Oscar for Best Animated Short, is fantastic. It has a little bit of a Tarantino-style narrative about a car chase to tie it together (complete with what is euphemistically known as language, which had already outraged several iTunes reviewers by 11:00 PM because ZOMGit'saCARTOONwon'tsomebodythinkoftheCHILDRENZ), but what really makes it worth watching is the absolute abundance of clever visual puns that fill every frame.

Otherwise, eh. I wish the 45 second rule had been implemented on the presenters rather than the recipients (which is to say, the unfamous and unpretty recipients of the second- and third-tier awards) and I don't think I had strong feelings about anything else.
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