Four years since--HOLY SHIT, SHUT UP. o_O

During Torino, I spent Valentine's Day watching figure skating instead of seeing my "boyfriend." It was not a waste of time at all. 8D
Dunno about you, but classwork ate a good portion of the last four years of my life. Oof.

However, that was overall a damn good four years. Whee!
I wonder if new Olympics slash has been written since Vancouver 2010 wrapped...? There wasn't too much 2010 stuff at olympic_slash, the last time I checked...
There's been a bit more action over at ice_slash, and ontd_skating has already turned into an impressive machine for generating in-jokes and memes, collating news, gossip, fanart and YouTube vids and generally spamming the hell out of my flist with things which are relevant to my interests, and oh! there's the wintergameskink meme!

The only big new non-figure skating 2010 pairing I've seen is Apolo Ohno/J.R. Celski, which is adorable. I guess the Winter games a little smaller and more intimate than the Summer ones ...