fic, food and family

Lovely, lazy days here at my house, where we are mostly grounded due to that wee snowstorm that you may have heard something about. My father dashed off to Minneapolis on Wednesday to pick up my brother just before the city got body checked by the snow, so we've all been playing a lot of Wii, eating vast quantities of traditional and otherwise seasonally-appropriate foods, and, of course, watching Doctor Who. (They really worked hard for that "Master race" pun, but good God John Simm is smoking hot in that straitjacket. Guh.)

My yuletide author wrote me a really sweet, lush Silas/Bod story: longest way round, shortest way home. Silas is just lovely, detached, a bit inhuman (but not nearly as inhuman as he thinks he is) and, of course, he loves Bod very much. ♥
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Tags:'re about to make me read something I never would have looked for on my own, aren't you. >_>
AAAAAH! *flaps hands* THANK YOU FOR THE REC. It's lovely! I must make people read it!