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It turns out that you can either have an Epic NaNoWriMo Catchupathon or a Four-Day Weekend Family Holiday Roadtrip and Hug-In, but not both. And by 'you', of course, I mean 'me'. In my defense, I wasn't aware that I was planning on a Family Holiday Roadtrip and Hug-In until sometime last week, so I wasn't really factoring this into my NaNo optimism.

I wasn't terribly upset, to be honest with you. Me and NaNoWriMo 2009, we had some good times, but it was time for both of us to move on. By which I mean that I'm going to move on and my 25,000 word masterpiece is mostly going to stay put. Possibly when I am bored, I will reread it and copypaste any bits of it that are still funny.
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It's true. It's only 6000 words long, but of those words:

17 of them are "eyes"
9 of them are "apartment"
9 of them are "church"
9 of them are "vampire"
8 of them are "Christ"
8 of them are "cross"
8 "hungry" and 7 "hunger"
7 of them are "wings"
6 of them are "Jesus" or "Jesus'"
6 of them are "blood"
6 of them are "bed"
6 of the are "desire"
5 of them are "bedroom"
2 of them are "bedbound" and 2 are "bedside"
4 of them are "beautiful"

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