Junie B.


I have written a whole bunch this weekend! At the moment, my novel has gotten so boring that it is actually putting me to sleep, but I am still guardedly optimistic about finishing it by the 30th if I keep super-busy and come up with some more exciting trouble for my characters to get into. Sorry, guys, you thought it was bad enough that you burned down your own (shared) house with fireworks, you're hiding from your thesis advisor, and your parents think that you're enrolled in law school, but your lives are just going to have to get weirder,

22728 / 50000 words. 45% done!

And now, as I said, sleep. It's early enough that I could actually consider waking up early tomorrow morning and doing some writing like those weird morning people do.
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I am just shy of 19K, because sudden pile of work from both job and school, but I have practically no commitments between Wednesday morning and the night of the 30th. THERE IS HOPE FOR US YET, I PROMISE YOU.
I was 10k behind for the longest time ever. Then Saturday I did 5,000 in one day, and then pulled about 2,800 out the next day, and sudddenly, I'm only abut 3 days behind track?

Am suddenly optimistic.

Also, I'm off sick from work today, and plan to put it to good use by writing a mountain of stuff *contented*

And good luck! Our region put about 150 ideas into a Tickle Box, so if we ever get stuck, we pull out a prompt/quote/scenario. I had to shave my character's head, plus he sat on a thumb tack. It's oddly helpful in getting words written. Especially the person who had to write 750 words on somebody farting, and everybody in the room having to work out who did it.

Anyway, good luck! You can do it! There's still time! :D

Go you!

Last year I wrote like my last 14,000 words on 30 November and wrapped up my story and hit 50,000 by like 11:58, so I'll never underestimate the power of last-minute panic!