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Dear Yuletide author (2009)

Hi, you! I think it's so, so cool that you volunteered (at least one of) my requested fandoms, and I hope you don't totally hate the prompt(s) that I have given you! I am so excited about all of them, even though they may seem completely unrelated and kind of odd.

Neil Gaiman - The Graveyard Book, Nobody Evans aka Bod/Silas

I adore Silas! I'd really like a story about Silas and Bod and their relationship after the end of the book. It would be _plenty_ fine with me if that involved explicit sex, but it matters less to me whether you write this one as slash or gen, as long as their relationship is at the heart of it.

I just really do love Silas, and how almost-too-perfect he is as a guardian for young Bod, and how this situation is changing at the end of the book, and how it's going to change even more as Bod is growing up and Silas ... is still Silas.

Plato - Dialogues, Alcibiades/Socrates

I just think that everything would have turned out better if Alcibiades and Socrates had hooked up. Philosophy is sexy, yes, but philosophy in bed is sexier!

At about the age when a many people have an intoxicating but late regrettable philosophical fling with Ayn Rand, I was smitten with Plato. I now think even fewer of the proposals in The Republic would be at all advisable in real life, but I have always felt that Socrates should have slept with Alcibiades, even though I have been informed that I am missing the whole point of The Symposium. The whole point of The Symposium sucks, and they should have had sex. Maybe if they had, one of them wouldn't have been executed and the other exiled for being smartypantses; or perhaps it would have simply been all the more poignant. Either way!

Stieg Larsson -The Millennium series, Erika Berger/Lisbeth Salander/Mikael Blomkvist

I love all three of these characters and would be delighted to read about [them] in any combination (and also think they would make a fascinating threesome, sexual or otherwise).

So, these books ate my brain recently, and I've hardly stopped thinking about them since I finished reading The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest. I was so relieved that the last book basically wrapped up most of the plot things that I wanted to know about, because I was having a hard time even waiting to get my hands on the last book, much less being left with an unfinished series. It left me really unsatisfied with the supposed status of relationships, however!

I so don't buy that Lisbeth is no longer attracted to Mikael, and not just because he is a total Mary Sue (and I do mean this in the nicest possible way!) whom absolutely everyone falls for. I really don't dislike Monica, and I wouldn't want her to be treated poorly, but I'm hugely bothered by the prospect that she might want to break off Mikael/Erika (Epic Friends With Benefits OTP), and no one should mess with Lisbeth's sexual fulfillment, because, really. I really liked it when Lisbeth found herself actually sympathizing with Erika in spite of herself, and I have to admit that if she and Erika were to get together and decide that they weren't sleeping with Blomkvist anymore because he wasn't worth the trouble and they found each other plenty hot anyway, I wouldn't be at all surprised.

I find that I firmly believe that they should have a threesome, or at least they should settle on both Lisbeth and Erika sleeping with Mikael (and comparing notes).
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The whole point of The Symposium sucks, and they should have had sex.

ILOVEYOU. (In a gen way, I swear.)