don't poke the crazy

2745 / 50000 words. 5% done!

As you can see, I have some catching up to do. I had planned to spend the evening isolated at the local tea shop for this purpose, but then my parents and poodle decided to tag along, so we're sitting outside enjoying the unseasonably warm weather.

Next thing I know, my mother has a crazy woman recounting her life story, which mostly involves her various possessions, such as a $2,500 laptop, a $9,000 pair of miniature rottweilers (acquired in 'central Berlin, Germany'), and a diamond-studded skull and crossbones ring, being stolen from her by various persons such as her neighbor, houseguest and Zales jewelry store. She seems to have settled in with a large cup of some kind of yellow liquid and a cigarette and doesn't seem inclined to go anywhere.

I, um, guess this could be some kind of inspiration?

She's now claiming that her Maine coon cat (which, according to her, was invented in the 11th century by a man named Coon) can herd 7,500 sheep in an hour.
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Reconsidering moving to Rainbow Valley! (Not actually. Still. That is some impressive and scary crazy right there.)
A couple of policemen who knew her by name just shooed her away very calmly and non-confrontationally! I am actually impressed with their work.
She must be a regular! We had a few people like that in STL. One of them died a couple years ago and the student paper did a big article on it.
We have some regulars like that at my teashop! They are mostly harmless although one of them has a persistent cough that occasionally grosses out other patrons...

mostly they are nice folks though.

good luck with inspiration :D
I have written almost 5500 words of Hilary/St. George! We can be laggards together.

Also, I am totally willing to believe in the existence of Maine Coon cats with super-sheep-herding-powers. Those things are awesome.
I initially skim-read this entry too quickly and thought that the, "Next thing I know..." bit was like, "So I sat down to write and next thing I know my novel has a crazy woman recounting her life story -- way to fill up some wordcount, y/y?"