I find this illogical

media binge

My mom's been recovering from sinus surgery, so we relaxed and mainlined a lot of fannish television this weekend:

  • Both episodes of White Collar. We're both excited about this show, although not for precisely the same reasons. (Well, some of the same reasons. She giggled in the same places and remarked on the attractiveness of Matt Bomer.)
  • The midseason semifinale of Psych, the second time for both of us, just because
  • Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead and Midnight. I apparently found the last one forgettable when it first aired, because I had actually completely forgotten it, did not at any point remember anything about it, and am wondering if I somehow managed to skip over it. In retrospect, however, it has some really potent thematic foreshadowing for the finale, which we're saving to make sure we can watch them all at once.
  • This week's installment of Masterpiece Contemporary. Although we're mourning the temporary passing of Inspector Lewis, the Contemporaries do have the advantage of being introduced by David Tennant (actual quote from my mother: "I keep listening to his voice and then I don't hear what he's saying").

My strategy for NaNoWriMo this year is to write a whole lot of nonsense and have fun with it and make sure that my so-called plot is flexible enough that I can make my characters take a road trip at any time if I feel like it. So far this is working out pretty well for me.
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Well, I made my quota yesterday; so far, so good.

I suppose if I run out of inspiration, I could always insert a cameo by Ho-Bob.
I'm sure Ho-Bob can fix broken refrigerators or HVAC systems. He probably has a plumber's crack and an annoying accent that takes at least 250 words to adequately describe.
so the sinus thing?
Did your mom have a deviated septum? I did and the surgery did me a world of good. Probably the best thing I have ever done for myself.
Re: so the sinus thing?
Although my mom's awesome ENT corrected my deviated septum a few years back, her septum is apparently fine. It was apparently everything else in her sinuses that required attention, including the reocurring polyps. Leading up to the surgery she hadn't been able to taste anything for months.

I couldn't agree more about the surgery! It was awesome. (At least, it was awesome once she pulled the plastic things out of my nostrils. I was not a fan of those.)
wish your mom well for me
It was not the surgery (apparently it is good thing we were out cold as the deviated septum surgery procedure is one of THE grossest sounding surgeries) that was awesome, and it was not the stuff packed up our nostrils that was awesome (although the relief the minute all that gauze was out was so glorious)-nope it was the greater breathing ability and how much better everything started to taste.

So was your septum problem due to an injury or were you one of those people (like me) who just had it develop that way?

I think I got mine done around age 25.
sinus surgery options
Hi. I'm doing some research for MY mom, about surgery options. But first let me wish yours a speedy recovery!
She is looking at either the regular endoscopic sinus surgery or a balloon sinuplasty procedure. I was wondering what if anything you were told about her options.
Sorry if this is none of my business.
Thanks and have a great day.