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This weekend we had a tax holiday, so I finally replaced my dysfunctional iPod and you should hopefully not have to hear me complain about it any more, especially that one day where it wouldn't play any given file from beginning to end but selected something itself at random and started playing it somewhere in the middle and went on until I had sort of figured out what I was listening to, at which point it would switch to something else, until I thought I was in some sort of fever dream. I definitely shouldn't have to complain about that any more.

There was a sort of average-to-middling amount of shopping going on at the Country Club Plaza, except in front of the Apple Store, where there was a line half a block long. And apparently this was the least crazy day.

While we were waiting in said line, I won a T-shirt for naming the year the first iPod was released and what its capacity was. (They didn't ask me to quote the full text of the relevant Slashdot post, but I totally could have done that too.) Although I could have also won T-shirts for naming the astronomer who sued over his name being used for an Apple internal build and giving two of the five original iMac flavors, I felt this would have been unsporting and other people deserved a chance to win.

Like my late, lamented iPod, it has been named Serenity.
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Serenity Now!


My iPod has a name

Little Blue Dancing Machine.
Is that a Sienfield or a Firefly refrence? Or something else?

Also, I love how your a mac geek (as in, you know irrelevent trivial facts about Macs)