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bread and meeces

Upon returning to our apartment, Stan and I were greeted by a suspiciously damp and gently decomposing mouse. Despite careful cross-examination, the cats are revealing nothing. (I scooped it up and took it out to the dumpster, because Stan was too busy standing screaming on tables like women in early Sixties sitcoms.) This was not particularly awesome.

However, this morning I got to hear wisdomeagle preach at her church, which was very awesome, indeed! The topic of her sermon was bread, and yes, there were even edible examples!

Sam was in town for the weekend, so he got to come with me, and we played a bit with our new Sims Mark III. So far all I've really done is make one house with myself making a healthy income from writing Dan Brown parodies such as The Lost Symbologist and The Bosch Cypher, and another house with Pete Wentz staying up all night and making inappropriate forum posts and Patrick Stump actually, you know, playing the guitar and stuff.

After finding the mouse, Stan and I suddenly found ourselves really in the mood to do some deep cleaning. Not that anything was that dirty, but ....
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It is pretty hilarious. Pete sulks a lot when he checks back and finds that nobody has responded to his trolling.

Pete plays his zebra guitar in his underpants. Of course.

Pete trolls forums late into the night.

Obligatory makeout screencap. ;)
Love this!

I am having such a love affair with their apparent love affair right now, it is not even funny. The 'we are Sal and Dean' thing. OH OKAY PETE. <3
Seriously, the dude kills me. Like, I don't even know how it happened but basically they are two of my favourite people. Pete Wentz, ALWAYS use the internet to talk about Patrick. Tell us more about how he is an iPod full of your favourite songs! ♥
Sometimes I reread the q&as to cheer myself up. A: patrick is not just what dreams are made of. he is in fact the dream factory. he makes your happy little head feel ok at night. ♥ ♥ ♥
I was doing that yesterday! I was like Pete, stop being so adorable. WHEN HE WANTS TO HEAR PATRICK SINGING ONLY TO HIM HE JUST CALLS HIM ON THE PHONE. BOO AND YAH. ♥ ♥ ♥
Aww, dead mouses aren't scary. Neither are eviscerated ducklings left on your second-story porch. Neither one is ever meant to be a warning...

It's like when someone talks about how they just got over a tenacious case of HEAD LICE, and you can't do anything but scratch....
If anyone talks about just about any physical ailment long enough, I will discover that I have it, or if it's really impossible that I should actually be suffering from that precise condition, I still feel incredibly uncomfortable. Is there a short, snappy name for this?

Dead mice really aren't very scary. Zombie mice might be a problem, but dead mice? What are they going to do?
I'd call it sympathy pain, but I'm sure there's probably something more technical.

I picked up a dead mouse one time, and it was warm. That made me entertain the idea that "oh, it might not really be dead and it could jerk suddenly and run up my arm!" which was silly, as I had just seen it die.