sad Mac

requiem for an iPod

I'm afraid my iPod and I are going to have to break up.

It's not me; it's him. It was bad enough when he started hanging my entire computer -- no mean feat -- every time I plugged him in to sync. I managed to patch things up after much reformatting by syncing only a few playlists containing a small fraction of my library, but now he's got a new trick where he drops out in the middle of long tracks like audiobooks and skips to the next one, whistling innocently. Just today he's already skipped the train scene in Half Blood Prince, which is one of my favorite bits! I see a trip to the Apple Store in my future.

Ironically, my 3G iPod is still going strong, if you allow for the fact that even the aftermarket replacement battery no longer holds so much as a secondsworth of charge. Stan uses it in bed plugged into the wall.
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About two and a half, I think. (ZOMG don't report me to LJ for inappropriate relations with minors!)