one-handed reading

he's a flauging old Whipster, I warrant him

It is apropos that The Cully Flaug'd, one of the earliest surviving specimens of English printed pornography, depicts what commonly used to be called 'the English vice'. It features a saucy caption below, running What Drudgery’s here, what Bridewell-like Correction! /To bring an Old Man, to an Insurrection. / Firk on Fair Lady [,] Flaug the Fumblers Thighs [,] / Without such Conjuring th’ Devil will not rise.

The picture itself is well worth a look (assuming of course that you're into that sort of thing and not presently being monitored by internet prudes), but it's the research into the early flogging scene that really turns me on.
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I had seen the picture linked on MetaFilter a couple of days ago, but I hadn't seen the text to go with it. (Ahem.) I couldn't figure out from the page (maybe I'm just being dense); who was the author? What is his/her forthcoming book? Inquiring minds want to know! :)
I know, how are you supposed to flog (ahem) your book if you don't make sure your name's featured prominently on the page?

The answer is Dr Malcolm Jones, apparently, and his book comes out next year! :D