I don't know if it helps, but you are in good company. (Or at least, in my company.) And if you need anything, I am around and in fact not at work this afternoon.

*more hugs*

We should, like, totally make little membership cards for our club. I'm super-annoyed this time because I've been driving now for months and I think I actually am a pretty good driver. But apparently still a really bad driver's-test-taker.
My highway patrol dude insisted that I rolled through two stop signs, which I would contest strongly, but oh well. Next time I will stop for completely obnoxious and lengthy durations so that there can be no possible question as to my stoppitude. It also genuinely did not occur to me that I should signal when he ordered me to pull to the side of the road for various little exercises, which is basically my bad, but it's not very normal to have someone barking at you to pull over into a very specific spot on that is not very far ahead and it rattled me. :(

He also informed me that I was twenty-five years old after he told me that I failed. I mean, what are you supposed to say to that? Did he think that it had somehow escaped my notice?
Asshole. Where did you take it?

I remember when I took mine (I don't want to even think about how long ago that was) that I came to complete and full stops well behind the stop lines. Like, bobblehead stops. I passed with an 82% even though I bombed parallel parking (the space was too short for the car) and he totally forgot about having me park on a hill.

Just be careful not to backtalk him or anything. Jensanity got permabanned from taking her test in Liberty after mouthing off to the cop. In fact, I think he made her get in the passenger seat to take the car back to the start point. He would have done well to have left her ass on the side of the road.
He also informed me that I was twenty-five years old after he told me that I failed.

I can go punch him in the nose if you'd like. I feel it would relieve a lot of stress.
I failed my written test 9 times and my road test three times. :( I only remember one fail, and it was because I didn't do my parallel park properly.

I am sure you will get it.

Sorry to hear it, I failed my first time around as well. The second time, I passed by one point, which depressed the cop/proctor/whatever he was.
Gah, sorry to hear that. :( It's always such a stressful situation!
*hugs* I failed mine twice. Very discouraging. But just keep practicing!

Don't be discouraged.

The drivers test people reward ultra conservative driving, signaling everything, 'full and complete stops' looking pointedly both ways before crossing, that sort of thing.

I was still a scared and paranoid 16 year old kid when I took mine and did all that and passed, I think it's actually worse and your an adult with driving experience, because you know so much of what they want is total BS which no real driver in the existence of anywhere actually does.

And yeah, he sounds like a total asshole, and that doesn't help, getting shook up being someone is screaming orders at you really doesn't help driving.