awesome day

My mom is so awesome! She found this Legolas standee at a garage sale and set him up in my apartment and made everyone pose for pictures with him.

My dad is also awesome. He and I went to see STAR TREK ♥ ♥ ♥ Like my mom, he only watched TOS, with the addition of some or all of the films, and he really enjoyed it. He remembered back in his Navy days when he was on shore leave visiting some friends and he announced that he had to be getting back to the U.S.S. Enterprise and this little kid was just in awe: "You work on a spaceship?!"

My less awesome plans for tomorrow are to go shopping for shirts, because I don't have enough of them and they all look kind of similar so it looks like I have fewer shirts than I actually do, which is just sad.

I think I really need to/want to get a Wii Fit.

Tomorrow is my brother's birthday and he is in Minneapolis and I will not be making him an awesome cake, alas. I did help pick out his top-secret present.
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Fair warning for Wii Fit: it requires you to set a weight gain or loss goal, and then every time you return, it harangues you about your progress towards that goal. It's even-handed between gain and loss (I entered a small gain), but it is stupidly repetitive and persistent (I lost a pound of water weight, it got cranky at me because that's not the right direction for progress). Meh. Some of the activities are still pretty good, but the haranguing is annoying.
I will definitely plan not to take anything it says too seriously. :) My cousins and my mom and I played with my uncle's Wii Fit over Christmas and it was positively having kittens because it was so worried about this strange mutant person who was losing and gaining large amounts of weight every few minutes.
Apparently my mom is going up there to visit him this week, so she will bring him cupcakes! Now I just have to make them awesome ...
I got wiifit from my mom for my bday (by my request, yes I kind of suck) and it's been pretty good. The stupid annoying huaranging is true, altough I don't even care that much myself, but YMMV.

The part I ate is their trainer people. Basiclly, you have four kinds of excersises: Yoga, Strength Training, Arobics, and Balance Games. The latter two are done in this adorable cartoony style, its basically your mii on the screen doing whatever.

But for yoga and strength straining, you see either a female or male personal trainer who is obnoxiously friendly and cheerful, as well as kind of a taskmaster.

Also, make sure the area around your room is nice and clear, its workable if its not, but its more of a pain.