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I caught up with the Prince of Tennis National Finals a while ago and I really liked the ending.

Actually, I had an IM window with Sam open, and I was actually complaining to him about how they had completely given up on even Crazy Tennis Logic and just had Ryoma transferring his Magical Tennis Aura from body part to body part to defeat Yukimura when Nanjiroh showed up! The true secret to magical sparkly tennis, according to Nanjiroh, is fandom -- being so obsessed with tennis that you not only eat, sleep and breathe it, but you keep alive that initial rush of fannish glee. (And porn! Because you can't have Nanjiroh without porn.)

As far as I'm concerned, Dear Prince is basically a love letter to fandom in all its gleeful cracky porny obssessive glory, and I just want to say, thank you. ♥

Also! Now we have a nice closed canon to write futurefic in, and the Chinese drama for quasi-AU goodness! Life is good.
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Is the canon really closed when there's new manga every month? I guess you could declare that you're not counting shin tenipuri as part of the same universe if you wanted.

PoT turned out to be a shounen sports series in the end! I was as surprised as anyone.

And just because it bears repeating over and over and over again: KAIDOH-BUCHOU OMG.
My general policy is that the manga is a separate universe, until I want to mine it for background details for fic. *g* It's inconsistent, but it's consistently inconsistent.

KAIDOH-BUCHOU! I have believed in him ever since I first read your recaps, and now it's for real! Oh captain, my captain ...