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Star Trek!

I just got back from seeing Star Trek with my mom! She hadn't actually watched Star Trek since the first run of TOS back when there were like two channels and there was nothing else on, but she is a big fan of J. J. Abrams ever since I got her hooked on Alias. Her only complaint was that she couldn't hear what was going on in the Kobayashi Maru scene because the whole audience was chortling so damn hard.

You know that feeling you get when you find this plotty cracky epic fic in a fandom that you hadn't thought much about in a while and you devour the whole thing in a single gulp of fannish glee? Yeah, it was like that. I loved it.

Then again, I got into Trek through novelizations (my brother handed me his copy of Dark Mirror on a family vacation when I'd finished all my books) and fic (I'd been on the internet since I was twelve, but the first time I heard of slash was in an actual dead tree magazine when I was seventeen, and I started googling for Kirk/Spock even though I had only the vaguest idea who they were), so my cred is highly suspect.
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Epic, cracky, glee - yeah, that's pretty much what I thought too!

Clearly the audience I saw it with was a bit less geeky than yours because during the Kobayashi Maru bit there was a lone cheer from a random guy down at the front, and that was about it. :-D
Do you think that if we all club together, we can hire Zachary Quinto to act out more fic for us? :D
Hmmmm. The topic of what Zach Quinto would or would not do for various amounts of money occupies my mind much more than is probably healthy...
It's become a sort of meta-fantasy, where I fantasize about fulfilling my fantasies ...
We saw it Sunday and plan to see it again the minute it hits the cheap theaters.

It's been a long time since I've been this obsessed with a movie!