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Oh my. They say you imprint on your first Doctor, and I have to say that I am finding that to be the case.

Actually, I went through this to some extent with my mother, who imprinted hard on Christopher Eccleston when we began our mother-daughter viewings. I sort of tried to prepare her for the whole idea of the Doctor regenerating as an extremely clever method of keeping the show going indefinitely with convenient casting, but I'm pretty sure it was still rather traumatic for her. When we got to Doomsday, I practically had to talk her down from becoming really terrifying Rosefen, I think because, watching the show on DVD, everything was changing much too fast and she wanted someone to stay put, for continuity's sake.

I didn't watch the first series of New Who when it was on, because I am quite easily intimidated by backstory and refuse to read books that I want to read very much until I can get ahold of earlier volumes in the series, and if, say, my library didn't have those volumes, I never did read that series, which makes for odd lacunae in my childhood reading. It was after the Christmas Invasion when pretty much everybody on my flist had posted something about Bush looking tired that I finally got annoyed, read a summary of the episode, still didn't get it, downloaded the episode, still insist that it doesn't actually make sense unless you assume the ridiculous compulsion that the Doctor exercises, which he does, oh, he does!

I followed the casting of the Eleventh Doctor and I really am quite pleased by it, except for the fact that the poor boy needs to let his eyebrows alone, or possibly have new eyebrows implanted. I thought that I was adjusting quite healthily. I think it may be that I just rewatched all of series three, my very favorite, in one single weekend, but oh, it really does hurt that my Doctor is leaving me! How can he never be the Doctor again? There are three more episodes, yes, and Stephan Moffat is taking over after that, yes, but there will never be another Ten episode written by Moffat! This hurts me.

Oh, my Doctor, my love. Why must you leave us all?
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Yeah, I don't know how I missed out on the original (for Americans) Doctor! I even lived in a home where PBS was something of a fixture! I did pick up a little bit of secondhand Tom Baker (long lovely scarves and jelly babies!) from books and Usenet posts, but really, it's like ducklings. The first one that you see is your Mummy.

Incidentally, of course, Tom Baker was David Tennant's Doctor, growing up. Looking back, I can see the continuity!
Apparently this was a local phenom around here, we just got unreasonably lucky--I think it spread to a few other areas as well, as a very cheap alt bit of programming that brought in lots of new viewers, but they relly were scrounging to splice half hour eps together. The fx were sketchy and funny and more like, "okay now, this tin pan is an Idea, okay?" and we're all okay with it, the same way you would be in a stage play with few props.
I think I like your imprinting idea. Nine was my first Doctor, and it took me forever to trust Ten. Seriously, almost a whole season.

Same was true for the companions, too... Donna ended up being my favorite, but it took me way longer than it should have to get over the "wahhhh want Martha back" (and of course before that it was "wahhh want Rose back").