Junie B.

Dreamwidth, the future of social journaling, pie

I have a Dreamwidth! I really like what I've seen of the service, and I like how they've gone out of their way to make sure that everyone can participate freely over there with OpenID, so that we can reassemble our social networks even if people end up scattering.

I haven't quite decided/figured out what to do with my Dreamwidth. I'm not prepared to leave LJ just yet (I have a stupid permanent account, okay? Although I do plan to kick Dreamwidth some money once I get my car fixed), but if or when I do, Dreamwidth is definitely where you'll find me.

I'm afraid I've been both sick and tired and haven't kept very good track of everyone else and their pronouncements, and so:

a.) Add me on DW and I'll add you back, or;

Poll #1393595 Width of dreams

What is your DW username?

Any special instructions about your DW that I should know before I add it?

(I lied. There is no pie.)
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